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Clemente Cappello


TEDxConstanta - Vorbitor

Born in France, my father is Italian and my mother German and graduated from Bocconi University, Milan.

I founded Sturgeon Capital, an investment manager based in London focused on frontier market and Balcap RE ltd, an “urban farm” co-sharing office provider and co-founded Evolvere, a leading Italian renewable smart grid utility company.

I speak English, Italian, French, Spanish plus some Portuguese and German and interested in lots of stuff ranging including architecture, rock music, the silk road and wine.

The last time I participated in a campaign was for the student council at University.

Discurs Clemente Cappello TEDxConstanta 2020

The case for Democracy in Europe

The European Union has been a source of hope, yet its bureaucratic system is hampering it's potential.

What if you could fix it by electing it's President, making it accountable and democratic? It's time for you to take ownership of your rights as a citizen and be the change.

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